Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction Tidbits Part 2

Gambling in sports betting singapore addiction is something that I talk about extensively in my articles. This particular guide is going to be an extension of another guide that I created for people who have no idea about gambling addiction. What I include in these tidbits are actually very essential if you have no idea about gambling addiction.

Let me start by saying, gambling and betting on sports addiction is a serious mental health issue that a lot of people face, because they have an addiction towards gambling. It completely absorbs and takes over their lives. A lot of people have stated that they have no control over it. A plethora of individuals have actually tried to get their addiction under control without outside help. They have stated that it was very hard. Some people have also said that it has been impossible. Most individuals have stated that their addiction is the only thing that they can think about on a daily basis, that is why they tend to neglect their jobs, their relationships, their family members, for the addiction. It would be best if you tried to focus on other things; the addiction does not leave them alone.

This kind of addiction definitely requires help from a rehabilitation centre. Gambling addicts can actually receive rehabilitation in these places, and most of them come out as a changed person.


There has been a recent statistics that stated that men are actually more likely to develop a gambling addiction compare to women, because there are more men gambling out there, in casinos. It is actually possible to measure how many women gamble, but it is difficult, because most women who gamble, do it on the internet on online casinos. Online casinos have actually blown up and become incredibly popular, ever since the coronavirus pandemic, people or not able to visit physical casinos, because it is just not safe. Casinos are places where you have to be social; they are usually filled with individuals. Since there is a virus pandemic going on, people have avoided going to casinos, and the casino industry is facing billions of dollars of losses.

It also happens that an estimated 3 to 4% of the American population has a proper gambling problem. This is actually very scary, because it equates to 6 to 8 million people in the United States of America alone.

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Keep in mind that compulsive gambling does not equal to a weak individual. A lot of people have become problem gamblers, and these people have also been very successful, that does not mean they do not have a gambling addiction. A person can be very successful when it comes to finances and still have a major gambling addiction, which requires immediate care.

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